Decompose is co-founded by Remina Greenfield and Shuyi Cao and based in New York City. Shuyi and Remina are current members of NEW INC’s Creative Science track at the New Museum. They are teaching at Parsons School of Design and have given guest lectures and workshops at Stevens Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, Civic Art Lab NY, bioFashiontech LAB CT, and Studio XX MTL.

Almost Anything Goes


Our research engages with ecology, information theory, and living systems. Decomposition serves as a lens to explore the complexities, vulnerabilities, and regenerative power of biological, social, and digital ecosystems. Through our personal and professional collaborations, we synthesize expert knowledge of scientists, designers, and theorists, searching for sustainable modes of collaboration and collective practice.

Art Production

Art making allows us to process and reprocess objects, forms, and thoughts. The tangible artifacts and media that we produce are vehicles for the dissemination and collective contemplation of our research. Creative decisions are driven by our philosophical inquiries, research, and interdisciplinary engagements. Our output comprises the networks and on-going dialogues that form and are formed by our practice.


We stage sites for knowledge osmosis through our teaching, workshops, and programming. We are designing a curriculum that approaches design and technology from the stanpoint of ecology and biological systems. Our courses span diverse topics such as material research, biohybrid machines, the politics and poetics of soft robots, and algorithms that simulate life.